Plastic Extrusions: Use of Plastic Profiles In Construction Industry

Posted By: | Date: 21-04-2017

Plastics, or to be more precise - polymer compounds - are in heavy use in many fields, including the construction industry.

With the advancement of manufacturing technology, plastics have become more varied, complex and useful in most parts of a construction project. Polymers such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are extensively used in flooring, electric pipe casings, window panes, wall trim, roofing and much, much more.

The new grades of plastic available today are more firm, highly durable, heat resistant and come in such a wide variety of finishes that sometimes you can’t tell them apart from wood or metal.

Recycled plastic wood substitutes can be found in homes worldwide and many people won’t be able to tell the difference. Moreover, many plastic replacements of traditional materials are by no means a compromise to save costs.

Plastic Extrusion

In fact, many of the plastic extrusions used in roofing, to name one example, are better and more durable than sheet aluminum or tin sheets that used to be the material of choice for the purpose. It lasts longer, doesn’t corrode and is generally easier to replace.

As a result of its many advantages, plastic is extensively used in construction. In fact, builders and construction engineers comprise one of the largest buyer markets for plastic extrusion parts, them being essential to most construction projects.

Another benefit of using plastic extrusions in construction is their flexibility. They are easy to shape and customize to any need, making the extrusion thicker or thinner, with any bends and shapes as required.

There are two main options most plastic extrusion suppliers will offer, which is choosing from a catalog of standard plastic extrusions or getting them custom made to your design.

To give an idea, here is a - partial - list of where in construction plastic extrusions are used:

  • ✯ Jointing profiles (edge strips, seals and trims)
  • ✯ Window profiles (trims, glazing gaskets)
  • ✯ Roofing profiles (cladding, roof trims, seals)
  • ✯ Plumbing profiles (plastic tubes for water delivery)
  • ✯ Plastic tubes (round tubes, square tubes, tie bar tubing)
  • ✯ Heating, refrigeration and ventilation trims
  • ✯ Electrical equipment housing
  • ✯ Decorative trims and edges
  • ✯ Stair protectors and rails
  • ✯ Electric cable ducts
  • ✯ Safety barriers
  • ✯ Shower seals


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