Why Choose Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Marine Applications

Posted By: | Date: 11-04-2022

Custom aluminum extrusions are used throughout several industries to improve key fixtures and increase a product’s functionality and quality. The inherent properties of custom design and aluminum alloys enable possibilities for longevity and success. Aluminum is durable, lightweight and flexible. The metal can be melted, formed and extruded into different shapes and sizes. Custom aluminum extrusions are also the most cost-effective option compared to other production processes.

As a certified custom aluminum extrusion supplier, our goal at Offshore Direct Metals is to provide only the best quality custom aluminum extrusion products, guaranteeing the highest international standards. 

Read on to find out how custom aluminum extrusions can improve the products in which they're used.


custom aluminum extrusionsCustom aluminum extrusions can accommodate any budget size, big or small. By going to a custom aluminum extrusion supplier, like OD Metals, you’re saving money on labour and tool costs, thanks to custom production-ready tooling initiatives. Aluminum extrusion costs far less than injection mould tools, while still giving you full control over your design. Additionally, custom aluminum extrusion can decrease your per-unit cost when making a large upfront investment on a product. 

Minimizes Assembly Time

Going with aluminum extrusion reduces the complexity of manufacturing your product since it can be built right into the extrusion design. Building your product using just sheet metal makes it more prone to human error and added corrections. Also, extrusions can easily be removed and replaced if your product is damaged or nearing the end of its life. Removed extrusions are recycled, since they carry a high value.


With extrusion design, it gives your product a high level of modularity. Your product can have the ability to grow in one axis, while multiple similar products can be made using the same profile. Scale can be extended in future products while maintaining its initial function. Extra features can then be added to an extrusion design.

High Quality Material

Although a lightweight metal, aluminum can optimise your product thanks to its durability and strength. 6061-T6 grade aluminum is a commonly used version of the metal in aluminum extrusion, and it is three times as strong as 304-grade stainless steel. Its flexibility and versatility allows aluminum to be manufactured into different products for various purposes. Its strength can be increased through varying alloying elements, which can help improve durability and formability. To top it off, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, enabling the longevity of your product.

Thanks to its versatility, aluminum allows for a high degree of customization for aluminum extrusion. Your custom aluminum extrusion can come in any shape, contour or size, and feature a unique specification. Its aesthetic can be modified with custom coating, painting and more. 

Navigating Custom Aluminum Extrusions

By developing relationships with the best aluminum extrusion fabricators in the world, Offshore Direct Metals has earned its reputation as a trusted custom aluminum extrusion supplier. We do business with suppliers who meet ASTM Standards, and those supplier companies who are ISO Certified. Our team at Offshore Direct Metals combines our extensive product knowledge with logistics expertise to meet any requested manufacturing specifications.

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